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Friday, February 14, 2014

Political theater example: Karzai versus USA, not!

I am the only one that thinks that the tiff between the (purported) President of Afghanistan and the USA is overdone? Karzai knows that he is destined to hang from a lamppost like Nasralluh and so to avoid that fate he is doing his best to act like an independent player. The USA plays along, why not? Example: Karzai refusing to sign a status of forces agreement that would formalize a US role there. Example 2: Karzai released some (harmless) 'detainees' as a show of his independence and the USA dutifully protests. What a show! It is funny to see US diplomats and journalists wring their hands over this act. (The mayor of Kabul is also setting himself to act as future mediator between the Daru speakers and the Pashtuns. I hope he succeeds because some peace will be a much needed respite there).

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