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Friday, August 12, 2011

Freedom must Endure

Fight on America! Is there any other choice for this land of liberty? Recent US military setbacks are difficult. The opportunity to free the Afghan people remains. There are problems with the execution of the strategy (which I could share with you) but the ideal is perfectly in keeping with US tradition. Senator Feinstein said the freedom of many Afghan citizens is at risk otherwise. So stride on and along the way find glory in the Hindu Kush.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The rich joined the rest of us today

Today is how the rich experience a recession/depression. The panic in stocks is the realization that profit growth and revenue growth is over and so too is return on capital. The rush for the exits this week is the signal of the big boys desperately seeking to preserve their capital. I read somewhere that the world's richest, Slim, is down $8-$12 billion this week. Gold cannot help...there is not enough to absorb all of the cash. Boon for the US Treasury however....a conspiracy theorist might wonder if this was not all a clever plan.