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Friday, August 8, 2014

To Help Yazidis is to help Satan?

Yes I know people trapped on a summer mountain top is sad. But Yazidis are perceived throughout Mideast, especially in Sunni-land, as devil worshippers. True or not that is the perception. Now the US is their friend? Or does perception not matter? Probably the latter...have we entered Rousseau's final cycle of civilization? Alternatively, in a postmodern space, none of that matters overly. Everything contributes a bit maybe, but not enough to tip any scales in a definite direction. Ukraine will test this theory because if big powers can't produce big movements then no one can.

Obama: Lord of Chaos

So today we hear that the USA is bombing ISIL in Iraq. Whatever the reasons given, keeping Iraqis and Americans safe, can also be added the production of instability. The only pattern I can see behind US policy in the Levant is to make sure no one wins...not Assad but not the Free Syrians, not Gaddafi but no other Libyan, and in Iraq not ISIL but not Baghdad either. Toss in just enough kinetics to prevent any kind of stability. So long as the oil flows now and in the future...hence the price goes down!

(Check out Stephen Walt today on for this Lord of Chaos premise but with an opposite suggestion: to get out of the ME and do no more harm. Wow, is Stephen becoming an idealist?)