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Friday, March 28, 2014

dollar versus bitcoin

Postmodernism is about thinking politically without references. So comparing the currencies of bitcoin (which lacks a reference source) and the dollar (supported by the US) is a contrast of pomo and modern strategy. Bitcoin (recently forced into the reference zone by the IRS which said it is not a currency) is clearly pomo and should not be expected to hold steady. The dollar should. But bitcoin may have the advantage. Why? The US and world must use the dollar a lot...for oil and everything. Its steadiness of value depends on that. Should that slow, expect bitcoin to become more distinctive and popular.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Ukraine and Grenada, Putin and Reagan?

Set on opposite sides of the world, Ukraine, with Crimea, and Grenada would seem to share few similarities. One is located in the temperate, even Arctic zone. The other is tropical. One is large, flat, and expansive. The other tiny and hilly. What these cases do share is the experience of superpower invasions for the safety of superpower citizens. Reagan invaded Grenada to save American students at its medical school (and pursued regime change too). Putin has moved to help fellow Russians in Crimea and perhaps too eastern Ukraine. Let's take them both at their word. The lesson: if you are a national leader and wish to avoid such invasions, don't allow in any citizens of superpowers.


Clever, clever, clever. Democracy in action. Soon there will be an election/referendum to decide to secede from Ukraine. The People have spoken. Aftermath? Much more posturing from the USA and its military. Why? To reassure the rest of E. Europe that they have not been forgotten. Estonia, for example, now feels nervous.