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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Analyzing the Snowden search: where's waldo?,,,er, Edward Snowden

The glee with which the media are hunting Snowden is a signal of their irrelevance. (CNN was running dawn to dusk coverage for awhile). Experts on extradition law are trotted out. Is this what they study in journalism school? And do te American people gain any insight or knowledge from such information? Answer? No. The media has become society's background noise.

Obama and the Drone Speech (anti-drone)

When Obama made his speech dialing down his drones war it was hailed as a turning point. It was supposed to show that the US was serious about disengagement from Af-Pak. But it was a public plea to the Pashtuns/Taliban not to be so ferocious in the usual spring offensive. It worked, sort of. Direct talks are on the way and they are without preconditions. They are also without Karzai who has become irrelevant. The US would like to stay in Afghanistan but not under the gun. The question is can they offer guarantees that would satisfy Omar? He does not want to be in a parade in Kabul and wind up getting droned. My guess is that te Taliban will never trust the US. So they will have to leave or stay but under te gun.