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Friday, February 14, 2014

Political theater example 2: Rand Paul versus NSA spying (through a LAWSUIT)

Senator Rand Paul is suing President Obama over NSA spying (on Americans!). It is unconstitutional and Paul is going to fight it in court. Paul says that he wants there to be judicial oversight, and right now, there is not enough such oversight. What a limited, limited objection! 'Not enough oversight' is not the same objection as unconstitutional. Why not repeal the Patriot Act? This guy is a US Senator! He could filibuster or even write up a bill and have it introduced to committee. Instead Paul opts for the public show of a lawsuit (which the ACLU is already doing). Paul, that is weak (in the colloquial sense of the word)! Senators have so many more tools at their disposal. Lawsuits are the instruments of the weak not Senators. I wonder if this show trial will fool his libertarian supporters?

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