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Friday, January 31, 2014

Stop Fast-Track and Stop trade Anarchy

The recent State of the Union speech mentioned Fast Track permission to enact the Trans-Pacific Partnership. This is a law that would speed the exchange of goods and services between non-China, Asian powers. The idea is bad for most American workers. The President is also trying to bypass the slow and constitutional rules for approving a treaty with foreign powers. Partners are nice but patriots are better. Say no to trade Anarchy and yes to trade that is controlled to benefit each nation, as much as possible, while also allowing trade. When did the President of the US become the President of the Pacific? Don't tell me that this is part of grand strategy to control the world. No one sustains such control anymore without overly high costs. It is an illusion, like trying to turn Afghanistan into Iowa. The trick is to let others try to so control and exert and exhaust themselves, and then pick up the pieces. Read Sun Tzu if you don't believe me.

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