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Thursday, February 24, 2011

WikiLeaks effect: The truth makes Arabs free

It has not gotten much mainstream play...they like to focus on cute sociological explanations like the 'youth bulge' to explain the revolutions of 2011. But it is notable to recall what Wikileaks revealed about Tunisia and Libya. It was said that the ruling family of Tunisia was a pure kleptocracy. And mention was made of some noticeable Bulgarian nurse constantly at Kaddafi's side.

Machiavelli's rule number 2 is for a successful ruler never to be seen as contemptible. No doubt the Wikileaks revelations about these rulers were known to many if not most citizens. Yet to know that the rest of the world now knew about it too must have made the idea of continuing to obey such personages overly humiliating.

If so, this Wikileaks effect confirms Machiavelli's rule number 1: Lie without anyone knowing it is a lie.          

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