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Friday, February 18, 2011

Cocoa, Ivory Coast, and the Kenyafication of governments

Cocoa reached a record high today. It was already trending upward due to commodity speculators and  because those who pluck the fruits associate the activity with the old colonial planter society, i.e. not a job the next generation looks forward to.  The trees are aging too. And global warming may be having an effect (just as on tea).

Cote d'Ivorie produces over 30% of coca but the ongoing presidential standoff raises doubts about the ability to produce and deliver the crop.

The country needs to take a page from the Kenya playbook: make both candidates the winner by giving both the offices and potential for patronage. Kenya actually created new offices and ministries for the new winners to control. For example, there had never been a prime minister position before the disputed election.

Expect more Kenyafication worldwide. It is classic political compromise: expands patronage to new groups and players while reducing societal and ethnic tensions...

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