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Friday, February 18, 2011

Middle East revolutions: Everything good Now!

Typically political theories of modern revolution emphasize the aim of freedom (even the communists claimed someday that the state would whither away leaving utopia behind). 

The new revolutions we are seeing today in Tunisia, Egypt, and hopefully Bahrain leapfrog beyond that narrow modernist aim straight into postmodernism

They want a bit of everything but not too much of any one thing (which is why the current rise in islamophobia among Western elites is unwarranted). The new revolutionaries want some liberty but not too much (otherwise you wind up like Iraq), some equality but not too much (otherwise you get Britney, Lindsey, and Paris), some religion but not too much (otherwise you get Iran), etc. etc.

They don't just want, as some from Washington DC say, freedom of the press or freedom of assembly (as if they must wait for their leaders to give that to them). Besides no one can eat freedom of the press for dinner. You can't pay rent with freedom of assembly.     

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