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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Spontaneity is the new Real

Musing now as to whether we are entering a phase in politics in which that which is not spontaneous is not strongly believed. What shocks or surprises is more substantial than what follows old or predictable rules. The latter are open to doubt. That the President cobbled together a coalition, which included back room haggling no doubt, in order to produce health care law is dismissed or questioned or challenged in court (but however else could such big legislation have happened than without old fashioned deal-making?)

On the other hand, union demonstrations in WI shock (did not U.S. unions die long ago?) and Arab revolutions (in places long said to lack civil society) garner strong consideration and interest as real events with major future impacts. 

The role of the media is crucial however. If these recent spontaneous, big, political acts had not occurred the media can range the globe for the shocking to bring to our screens everyday. It is not the scale of the political act then that matters but the rapid media attention. Expect more and more media sensationalism...

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