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Sunday, May 22, 2011

The world ended; we're dead; we're zombies

According to some rapturian, the world ended yesterday. Now most people are laughing at him and his followers. But suppose we agree that it did end. Today then we are zombies or somnambulists sleepwalking through life. Agreed, most zombie movies show beings thoughtlessly lusting for blood and admittedly that is not the case today. But Hollywood moviemakers have it wrong. The dead are a fairly peaceful bunch and so we may be in such a low energy state ourselves. Alternatively the dead do not just rest in peace but instead assume the forms of ghosts and phantoms.For example, so-called primitive cultures see their ancestors as always with them, needing reassurance and appeasement. If so, they and we have also become wispy beings who can only repeat themselves and haunt others with their issues. Hardly seems like rapture. What is worrisome is if our politics are just as dead and ghostly and lacking in new solutions.   

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