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Monday, May 9, 2011

Bin laden 'killing'

Odd term in the media and elsewhere for what happened to bin Laden. Not an assassination but a killing. Sometimes in the passive voice: his death.

But a 'killing.' Not something you hear too much outside of business. 

The killing term in this context is no holds barred, in your face you might say. 

Which suggests no shame in the act. A justified 'kill' is the implication.

What else is to be made of the national ebullience over this action in Pakistan? 

Interpretation: It feels good to be good. The action was right so nothing to be ashamed of. I am no philosopher but that is a different sort of goodness from the idea of being good because one does good, e.g. charity or volunteerism. Is this the Nietzschean mode of goodness from the early section of his Genealogy? 

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