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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Give (some peace a chance in Libya

With so many wars underway it is understandable that its opposite has been forgotten. Take Libya, one of the topics at the meeting of the G8 'the fancy countries.' Libya presents a clear case for peacemaking. Neither Tripoli nor Benghazi can win. So settle up, make nice, and everybody wins. Not pretty and 'no mission accomplished' banners. No doubt there would be grumbling. But postmodern politics are those of the in-between of the liminal. The era of total war is over when entire populations were recruited into the fight. The choices now are not victory versus defeat nor war versus peace nor even life versus death. They are more or less war versus more or less peace. Right now Libya is in the midst of the former. The interesting future would be to see some half-assed peace come out of this. Same in Yemen: today impure war...tomorrow impure peace.      

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