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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Boston and the end of terrorism

Well that's it. Terrorism is over. And thankfully so. If what happened in Boston had been real terrorism there would have been more death. What we got was simulated terror: make-believe terrorists fighting for a cause that was either not their own and/or non-existent and, again thankfully, not really competent enough to do more harm. It was a simulation of terror, a farce of it. Usually farce comes at the end of a phase or text so it is possible to say the age of terror is over. But and this is important too, this does not mean that more botched actions will not happen in the future. And maybe too what counts as the end of that phase is the beginning of another: an age of foolish terror and maybe one that in some sense is more terrifying than folks fighting for a cause. It will be terror without cause and without reference; for terror's sake without even the self-serving comfort of being able to say that they did it because they hate our freedoms. Whether in Arizona, Connecticut, or Boston the perpetrators will not be society's losers nor traitors but ungrateful persons who got the most love that society could give them. I sure hope that I am wrong about this future...

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