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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Saudi Rising

Flying under the radar of globe watchers: Saudi Arabia. Some writers think the monarchy is shaky but their evidence is shaky. This G20 state is doing well economically and even better politically. Confident after Bahrain, these men of the desert have learned to fish well and are netting the whole of the Near east thereby. Egypt is off balance. And with Sunni missionaries and schools spread out from Mauritania to Indonesia, sunni soldiers winning in Libya and soon Syria, backed up by unlimited funds, Saudi looks to clean up this year. And they have the US working as bodyguard. Plus, should the US destroy Iran (and the current global balance, don't think that Russia and China won't follow the US example and at the very least destroy their enemies too, e,g, Georgia and Taiwan), the Saudis can then bag Baghdad too. Before it gets to that, the fear premium will put a few extra petrodollars in their pockets. It is a win win; their time to shine.

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