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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Operation Enduring Freedom

To free Afghanistan was a worthy and achievable goal set by an American President. Right now a stupid mistake over local customs has sent a wave of concern over the workers trying to make that happen.

Millions do not share the singular view of those who stand against that noble goal. America, fight your fight, not someone else's. You are not in the Hindu Kush as crusaders to convert minds. Nor as racists pushing an aryan agenda.

You are there to share the fruits of liberty. It can be done by protecting and tailoring the Afghan police. (See my simple advice in an earlier blog). 

The perpetrators of the scripture desecration must explain themselves publicly and turn themselves in to the

But the main aim cannot be forgotten.

In sum, postmodern theory suggests that there can be 2 afghanistans, one where liberty achieves prominence and another where it struggles against other values. 

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