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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Ignoring Ron Paul

Boy the media really has it in for Ron Paul. I know that Ron Paul supporters already think this. And while I think Paul could shake things up, I want to stick with a postmodern view of this event. Or rather, a non-event..Because what we witness is that votes do not matter...Paul has come in a very strong second in the past two primaries/caucuses. Iowa was only lost by a handful of votes.

And yet...the media crows about Romney and everybody else but Paul. Indeed there is a category of media-speech called anybody-else-but-Paul.

All this proves the power not of democracy/voting/the people but of media, press, and transmission of information/communication. 

The point is not to get mad about this phenomenon (unless you support Paul). This phenomenon should be accelerated by adding to the monologue. Let there be more media, more bloggers, more youtubers.

The question is diversity of viewpoints. Perspectives. Egalitarians will want to hear other voices or support other candidates.

But your candidate will only lose. If you join in with the mindless monologue you can win too.

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