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Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Spectacle of Libya or Fasci-nation

Cyrenaica (the region of Benghazi today) was once known for producing philosophers espousing pleasure. Today it has tempted NATO to try Iraq version. 2.

Is it about oil? Sure After all, an account will be set up by the UN in which Libya's revenues will be held for safekeeping, perhaps at a French or British bank.

Is it about humanitarianism? Sure, that too. What would a postmodern world be without multiplicity after all, including a multiplicty of rationalizations? Which means....why not add one more to the mix?

What is underway in Libya now is a desperate attempt to reassert the primacy of the political, especially the importance of government. For awhile it almost disappeared, what with all the worry over the economy, jobs, Japan, popular revolutions. Not to mention that many are involved in the other, virtual, world of Facebook and Twitter.

Now though, governments are back in the spotlight; back in the driver's seat. They can turn up the bombing campaign when they need more attention on themselves and on their relevance. Or they can tune it down. It is all up to them. They are snake charmers. Dramatists on a stage stretching from Washington to Beijing. Observers now watch governments and leaders in suspense again (what else does Sarkozy need?). All captivated, me too...

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